David Price


Lightbringer is a story that has been in the making for decades. Born in Peabody, Massachusetts, David Price was plagued by severe stomach ailments since before his first birthday. Undergoing surgery at such a young age, and then spending much of his childhood in and out of hospitals for treatment, David learned to adapt to his situation and became a student of anything that would stimulate his imagination. Compelled to spend much of his time resting and recuperating, David sought out books, comic books, and television shows about mythology, science fiction, horror and the supernatural. As a boy, David dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

As a student at Saint John's Preparatory High School in Danvers, David developed a love of writing and a natural ability to convey the world of his imagination onto the page both in words and in drawing. David went on to study writing at Salem State College and was encouraged by an early professor to major in English. David continued to study creative writing, literature and mythology at North Shore Community College, Salem State College and at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Unfortunately, David's goals of completing college on an Air Force ROTC scholarship were hindered by continuing health problems, and David was forced to make some changes in his life plans.

David joined his father and brother in a well-established family contracting business, married and started a family. His ongoing health concerns led him to begin studying topics around the mind-body connection. In pursuing the areas of Shamanism, meditation, and Reiki, David was able to both resolve his stomach problems and build on his early interest in the metaphysical world.

In 2003, David's wife Pauline encouraged him to begin writing a fantasy book that she felt he had within him. With Pauline's encouragement, and a growing concern that the family business would not be able to sustain him as he grew older, David returned to his lifelong love of writing. Like so many of his interests, David researched obsessively for a few years before beginning to write the story. He researched, outlined and planned a plot line that would carry through at least seven books. David created a new mythological world in his imagination and, also continuing to work in the family business and raise two children with Pauline, he wrote the first book over a period of five or six years.


All art is influenced by something that came before it.

At an early age, tales of Greek mythology and Camelot fascinated David, and he soon fell in love with science fiction, horror, comic books, creature double feature movies and the Twilight Zone. Growing up in the 1970s, David's interest in science fiction was fed by such Television shows and movies as Star Trek and Star Wars. In Middle School David began reading the works of Stephen King, and a whole new world of horror literature opened up to him.

David was encouraged and influenced by instructors David Connelly, at North Shore Community College and Marie Pappas, at Salem State College. David has also been influenced more recently by his studies of Reiki, Shamanism and drumming.

Throughout Lightbringer, the informed reader will notice references and allusions to well-known figures of myth and legend, as well as to ancient, historical and modern literature, music, culture and religion.

The world of Lightbringer is from David's imagination. However, names, places, language and culture have been informed by actual places.

Curriculum Vitae

Studied Creative Writing with David Connelly at North Shore Community College

Studied Advanced Writing at Salem State College with Marie Pappas

English Major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Reiki Master – studied with Linda Colibert of SpiritLight Reiki www.spiritlightreiki.com

Studied Reiki with Tracey Bueche from Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development www.mastershealinglightacademy.com

Lightarian Reiki Facilitator – studied with Kristin C. Dietz of Ethereal Energies www.etherealenergies.com

Studied Shamanism with Nan Moss and David Corbin, of Down to Earth – the Shamans Circle and authors of Weather Shamanism www.shamanscircle.com

Two Year Shamanic Training with Leontine Hartzell of Eye of the Eagle Center for Studies and Healing www.eyeofeagle.org

Studied Celtic Shamanism with Tom Cowan, author of Fire in the Head, Yearning for the Wind, Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, The Book of Séance, The Way of the Saints, and Wending Your Way. www.riverdrum.com

Lead Drummer on the Tolba Menahan Inter-tribal Council Drum from 1998-2003.