David Price


Glossary - Characters

Adalstienn : Father of Gryla in her fictional family history. Or perhaps just another name for Apep

Addien : Addy. Deykin's friend and first love interest

Aimery de Sainte Maure : Champion of the Black Watch

Alexander Marshal : Wid's warrior name

Anika Utne : Borje's lady friend

Apep : Immortal Watcher who seeks to destroy himself and the Earth by releasing the Sleeper

Arnleif : Svana's second in command

Baba Yaga : Member of the Wicked Trinity. Daughter of Apep and sister of Gryla and Lamia

Barris Jones : Thirteen-year-old boy who lights the signal tower in Llanengan

Beatrice : The Faerie Queen

Bergelmir : Grandson of Ymir. He and his wife were the only giants to survive the great flood

Blue Man : Alien sailor from another world. The only member of his crew to survive the storm that transported his ship across worlds

Borje : Uncle who raised Olga and Gretchen

Branna : Faeliry's mother

Briallen : One of the Circle of Swans

Broderick : Hop's father. Deykin foretells his death

Bronwen : One of the Circle of Swans

Brophy : Scottish bard of the Black Watch

Bruce : Ogre in the court of the Faerie Queen

Catrin : Girl with broken collarbone who Deykin heals

Cernunnos : Another name for Herne

Chaya : Waitress at the Black Hole

Chthonia : Another name for Baba Yaga

Cigfa : Longtime friend and lover of Rhosyn

Conn : Of the hundred battles. Celtic hero

Constable Jarvi : Local law enforcement in Arctopolis

Crandall ''Old man'' Pritchard' : Father of Trysta. Provides the Blue Woad paint at Llanengan's last stand

Cthulhu : The Sleeper. An ancient alien god trapped for eons at the bottom of the ocean

Cuchulainn : Mighty Celtic hero

Daisy : Fairy

David Quest : Deykin's warrior name

Dawn : Also the Lightbringer. Son of the human Faeliry and the Watcher Herne. Twin sister of Deykin. Killed the night of her birth

Deva : Divine spirit

Deverell : Faeliry's oldest brother

Dewi : Welsh for David

Deykin : The Lightbringer. Son of the human Faeliry and the Watcher Herne. Twin brother of Dawn

Donu : Celtic Mother-leader of the Shining Tribe of Watchers

Durga : Goddess of Victory of Good over Evil

Eilian : One of the Circle of Swans

Erich Zann : 'Composer of ''At the Threshold'''

Euloo Wirree : Talvikki's primary spirit guide. An Australian Aborigine

Faeliry : [fay-leery] 'Mother of the Lightbringers, the shining twins. Also called Fae'

Falkes de Breaute : Captain of the Black Watch

Feliks : One of the old men in Danzig

Filtairn : Talking wolf that comes to Faeliry's aid the night of the births

Finn : Irish farmer who marries Trysta. Father of Widgeon

Frigg : Champion of Dis Company

Geoffrey : Knight of the Black Watch

Gilbert : Marshal's brother

Glynis : One of the Circle of Swans

Goibniu : Another name for Wayland

Green Man : The living spirit of Nature

Gretchen Strom : Sister of Olga and first mate of the Wyvern

Griffith : Faeliry's brother. The middle child

Gryla : Troll of Thule. Mother of the 13 Yule lads. Wife of Leppaluoi. Owns the Solstice Cat. Granddaughter of Bergelmir. Daughter of Apep

Gustav : Resident of Bear City who can help travelers find anything they need

Hayagriva : Doorman/bouncer at the Black Hole

Hecate : Another name for Baba Yaga. Goddess of Magick

Hefring : Mother of Gryla in her fictional family history. A troll-wife

Henry Essex : The jellyfish man

Herne : Celtic god. Also known as the Master of the Hunt. One of the last remaining Watchers on Earth. Father of the shining twins

Heulwen : Deaf woman who is able to communicate with the blue man through sign language

Hopkin : Hop. Deykin's friend. Son of Broderick

Hu Gadarn : Another name for Herne

Isabella : William Marshal's wife

Jestine : Girl who finds the wreck of the blue man. Sister of Seith

Jinty Ogilvy : 'Leader of the Born-agains. Transforms into the Cler, resembling a giant Leafy Sea Dragon'

John d'Erley : Marshal's squire and longtime friend

Lamia : The Dark Lady. Member of the Wicked Trinity

Lilac : Fairy

Llewella : One of the Circle of Swans

Lord Mara : Emcee at the Black Hole

Lugh : Celtic god of light

Manannan Mac Lir : Celtic god of the sea

Marbendill : Wise Merman sort of creature with the torso of a man and lower half of a seal

Marlowe : The Faerie King

Masamune : Another name for Wayland

Mielikki : Sami girl known as a singing prodigy in Lappland

Miyamoto Musashi : Greatest swordsman that ever lived

Moira : One of the Circle of Swans. She replaces Cigfa after her sacrifice at Ullswater

Naga : Another name for Apep

Nazeem : Ifrit who owns The Sultan of Swap shop

Nesta : Siwan's teacher

Olga Strom : Captain of the Wyvern

Osk : The wise woman from Thule

Pan : Another name for Herne

Pashupati : Another name for Herne

People / Characters :

Piia-Noora : Sick little Sami girl with 'kemia healed by Deykin

Po : Tailor who fits Xander for a tuxedo

Propylaia : Another name for Baba Yaga

Ptahlicos : The Librarian found in Minsk with the mind of a Yithian and the body of a Midewin

Pyrs : 'Faeliry's father, deceased three years at the birth of the twins'

Regus : Wolf-man in the court of the Faerie queen

Rhosyn : The first Lacus Domina in the story. Sister of Tegwen. Dies at the Evacuation. Wise woman from the Isle of Skye. Also called Rosey

Rocky : Earth Elemental in the court of the Faerie Queen

Roger de Gaugi : Chief instructor of the Black Watch

Rowena : Second Lacus Domina

Seith : Boy who finds the wreck of the blue man. Brother of Jestine

Seshat : Another name for Baba Yaga

Silvio : Satyr in the court of the Faerie Queen

Siwan : Young midwife who delivers the twins

Sticky Pete : Pickpocket in Arctopolis who offers Deykin and Gretchen a drink

Svana Styrrsdottir : 'Leader of Dis Company, from Thule'

Talvikki : Wise woman from Lappland

Tegwen : Haegtessa who rescues Faeliry and the twins. Sister of Rhosyn

Tesni : One of the Circle of Swans

Thorn : Female member of the Black Watch who finds Widgeon

Thoth : Greatest teacher among the Watchers

Tiwlip : One of the Circle of Swans. Rowena's closest friend

Trysta : Daughter of Old man Pritchard. Mother of Widgeon. Wife of Finn

Vendel : One of the crew of the Wyvern

Vera Von Spruchh : Opera singer who mutates during the hellish opera of Erich Zann

Vivekananda : Master at the Bodhi Tree temple

Volund : Another name for Wayland

Vulcan : Another name for Wayland

Walery : Other old man in Danzig

Wayland Smith : Blacksmith and great maker of the Watchers

Weland : Another name for Wayland

Widgeon : 'Last person to see the twins in the village. Grows up to be Deykin's friend, Wid. Later given the warrior name of Xander. Son of Trysta and Finn. Foster son of William and Isabella Marshal'

Will Evans : Watchman who spots the Nuckelavee leaving the sea

William Marshal : Lord Protector of Albion. Leader of the Black Watch

Ymir : A Watcher. The original giant. Killed long ago

Yngvild : The wise woman from Norga

Yrsa : Dis Company's navigator