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Glossary - Other

Asura : Demon

At the Threshold : Name of the opera written by Erich Zann and performed by Vera Von Spruchh

Baba Y'Naga : Term which means Daughter of Apep

Beltane : [bel-teyn] The Pagan Spring fertility holiday on May 1st. Also called Mayday

Bodhran : Handheld Irish drum

Chwaer : Sister in Welsh

Circle of Swans : Inner Council of the Daughters of Donu

Cockle raking : Similar to clam digging

Daughters of Donu : Mystical Order of women residing on Alpha Long Isle

Deep Ones : Race of intelligent and malicious sea dwellers that build cities at the bottom of the ocean and convert Born-agains

Dhaki : Drummers at the Durga Puja festival

Diolchiadau : Thank you in Welsh

Dis Company : Band of warrior women from Thule

Divine Council : High Council of the Watchers

Drakkar : Viking long boat. Dragon ship

Durga Puja : Festival celebrating the goddess Durga

Eld Aqa : Intelligent dinosaur race that Apep saved from extinction. Apep's serpentine assassins

Emperor of the North : Great oak of Bialowieza Forest

Emperor of the South : Great oak of Bialowieza Forest

Fadno : Simple flute played by Sami shaman

Ffynnon Aelrhiw : [fin-on ile-rew] Sacred well four miles from Llanengan

Fragarach : 'The Sword of Light. ''The Answerer.'' Made by Wayland'

Gonagas : Bird-man of Sami. Highest level shaman could attain

Grand Medicine Society : Group of the most powerful Midewin

Great Mamamuszi : Great oak of Bialowieza Forest

Great Old Ones : The Elder Gods. Cthulhu and his brethren

Great Race : Of Yith. A race of aliens that transferred their minds to an intelligent plant race in earth's distant past when their world was threatened. They record all the events in time and history in their great library city. The Yithians are also known to swit

Guardian of Zwierzyniec : great oak of Bialowieza Forest

Haegtessa : [hag-tes-a] Old English word for a wise woman

Ifrit : 'Elemental creatures of fire. Evil Djinn, or genies'

Imbolc : Pagan holiday on February 1st. St. Brigid's Day. Candlemas

Journeying : Form of meditation used by shamans

Lacus Domina : High Priestess of the Daughters of Donu

Lapp Dogs : Band playing in the tavern Fisk's

Lightbringers : Deykin and Dawn. The Shining Twins

Llongyfarchiadau nain : Congratulations grandma in Welsh

Lower World : Aka Down Under. Dream World where shamans meet their first spirit guide or totem animal

Lusus Naturae : Jokes of Nature. Any creature that defies classification

Mam : Mother in Welsh

Meandash : Reindeer of Sami folklore

Merch : 'Welsh word for ''girl'''

Middle World : 'Aka Wake-about. Usually considered the ''Real World'' or Waking World'

Midewin : 'Medicine men, sages, healers and wizards of the 500 nations'

Motherwort : Herb sometimes used to ease bleeding

Nebula Crystal : Crystal from Orion's Great Nebula that saps Cthulhu's strength and traps him in R'lyeh

Noaidi : [no-I-dee] Shaman of the Sami people

Northumbrian pipes : Small bagpipes from northeast England

November run : 'Last deep sea fishing trip of the year in ''safe'' waters'

Nuckelavee : Monsters of Scottish legend. Skinless Centaur-like sea beasts

Pelmeni : 'Dumplings filled with meat, fish or mushrooms'

Pirozhki : Stuffed buns

Pothead : Pilot whale

Quasarium : Strange material Wayland used to create the Sword of Light

Riddu Riddu : Music festival being held in Birtavarre

Riders of Baba Yaga : 'The White Rider is Day, the Red Rider is Sun, and the Black Rider is Night'

Samhain : Pagan holiday of Halloween. All Hallow's Eve. October 31st

Sami : Shamanic people from much of Scandinavia

Sbiten : Spiced honey and fruit juice

Seidkona : 'Sorceress, shapeshifter, spell-caster among the Sami'

Septagram : Seven-pointed star

Shadow Shoggoth : 'Inky black creature that levitates. Killer of Faeliry, Dawn, Tegwen, Rhosyn, and Cigfa'

Shaman : Tribal medicine man or woman

Sheperd's Purse : Herb used by Siwan to help stop Fae's hemorrhaging

Solstice Cat : Giant black saber-toothed tiger. Gryla's familiar

Soul Retrieval : Shamanic method of healing fractured souls

Taibhse : 'Scottish for ''ghost'''

Thirteener : 'Slang for teenager. Fouteener, Fifteener, Sixteener, etc…'

Torc : Ring worn around the neck

Totem Animal : First and closest spirit guide to a shaman

Tree of Life : Also called the World Tree. The spirit of all trees said to unite the earth and the heavens

Tricksters : Group of the Watchers who disobeyed orders and trapped Cthulhu

Trumpa : Sperm whale

Tsar Oak : Great oak of the Bialowieza Forest

Upper World : Also called Astralia. Dream World where higher spirit teachers and guides are found

Uterine artery ligation : Medical procedure used to stop post-partum hemorrhaging

Void : Peaceful meditative darkness where Lamia tries to retreat from her pain

Volva : 'Wise woman, prophetess among the Thule'

Wahoo : '18 foot skiff that Hop, Wid, and Deykin are on when attacked by the giant squid'

Wicked Trinity : 'Daughters of Apep: Gryla, Baba Yaga, and Lamia'

Wisent : Bison that live in the Bialowieza Forest

Woad : Flower from which blue dye is made

Wyvern : 'Name of the living alien sailing ship originally piloted by the Blue Man, but now captained by Olga Strom and her sister Gretchen'

Yoik : Chant of the Sami people

Ysbryd : 'Welsh for ''ghost'''

Yuletide : Christmas time