David Price


Glossary - Places

Aberdeen : Town in Scotland where Pyrs died

Albion : [alb-ien] Great Britain

Alpha Long : 'Isle that is home to the Daughters of Donu, a mystical order which is led by the Lacus Domina and her high council, the Circle of Swans'

Anglesey : Island off the coast of northwest Wales

Araboth : Homeworld of the Watchers

Arctopolis : Also called Bear City. City in Lappland where the journeyers meet the crew of the Wyvern

Bae Bychan Afal : Apple Cove

Belts : Sea between Arctopolis and Danzig

Benbecula : 'Isle in the Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. Populated by ''Born-agains'''

Bharat : India

Bialowieza Forest : Ancient old growth forest on the border of Poland and Belarus

Birtavarre : Town in northern Lappland

Black Hole : Other-worldly establishment where Deykin meets Lamia

Bodhi Tree Temple : Built around the tree that Siddhartha achieved Enlightenment under and became Buddha

Cymru : [kem-ree] The country of Wales

Danzig : City in Polska. Also called Gdansk in Poland

Eire : [air-uh] Ireland

Euxine : Black Sea

Fair Shetland : 'Fair Isle, located among the Shetland Isles north of Scotland'

Fisher King : Restaurant Xander takes Mielikki to on the night of the Opera

Fisk's : Tavern where Deykin and Gretchen spend their last night in Bear City

G'll-Hoo : Deep One City in the North Atlantic between Albion and Thule

Gutland : Island in the Belts where Olga and Gretchen Strom were born

Gwynned : [gwin-ed] A province in Wales

Halti Peak : Sacred mountain in Lappland

Holyhead : Beach on northwest corner of Anglesey

Kalikata : Calcutta

Kazakh : Caspian Sea

Lappland : Finland

Laxa : Tributary of the Thjorsa

Llanengan : [yan-en-gan] Village in Wales. Birthplace of the twins. Destroyed on their birth night by the Nuckelavee

Lough Derravaragh : Lake near Finn and Trysta's farm in Eire

Minsk : 'City in White Rus with the Great Library known as the ''Jewel of Knowledge'''

Mynydd Rhiw : [min-ed rew] Peak located four miles from Llanengan

Myvatn : Lake near Gryla's home

Nihon-koku : Japan or Nippon

Nippon : Japan or Nihon

Norga : Norway

Orkney : Islands directly north of Scotland

Penllyn : [pen-yin] Peninsula Llanengan is located on

Persia : Land where Deykin teaches a doctor the art of energy healing

Pnakotus : Library city of the Great Race

Porth Madog : Village Tegwen comes from

Porth Neigwl : [porth ni-gwil] Beach near the village of Llanengan

R'lyeh : City built by the Tricksters to trap Cthulhu. Sunk at the bottom of the ocean

Rat Cellar : Tavern in Arctopolis where the journeyers meet the crew of the Wyvern

Sapmi : Lappland

Suomi : Finland or Lappland

Thjorsa : River in Thule that the troll hunters traverse to reach Gryla

Thule : Iceland

Ullswater : Lake where the Midsummer festival is held during the Evacuation

Windermere : Lake where William Marshal met Rhosyn when he was a child

Wolf Cave : Where Talvikki trains Deykin, Xander and Mielikki in shamanic journeying